#BazaarIcons: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Cover September Issue of Harper’s Bazaar

Kanye and Kim for Harper's Bazaar. September 2016.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just landed the prestigious September issue of Harper’s Bazaar U.S. for their fourth cover together.

The couple was photographed by fashion legend and friend Karl Lagerfeld with styling by long-time friend Carine Roitfeld.

This is KimYe’s first joint shoot since their editorial in System Magazine last year and their first high profile shoot together since their historic Vogue U.S. shoot in April 2014.

vogue_kardashian-sideBoth Kanye and Kim flew to Paris last month for a quick trip to shoot this editorial at Karl Lagerfeld’s studio. The concept of fashion issue is typically about pople emobodying famous icons of the past, but Harpers Bazaar hailed The Wests as the new icons.

For the magazine spread Kanye and Kim are seen on a bed taking selfies and photos of one another. Kim posted those exclusive behind-the-scenes photos on her app and website for fans.

The shoot is simple in both styling and concept and its the couple’s chemistry and comfortability with one another that takes center stage. The prop of the phone in the shoot is a symbol of how The Wests are the modern day couple, they are the love story for the digital age.

Whether it was the first image from their wedding being posted on Kim’s Instagram, which went on to set a record for the first picture to surpass two million likes, or their tweets of support to one another via Twitter. We have seen a glimpse into their love story through social media and its fitting that the phone was used in the shoot.


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In the image below, Kim can be seen wearing a body suit from the Yeezy Season 3 collection. Kim described the cover story as “just so us” which can be seen from Kanye wearing his own clothing during the shoot. Kanye wearing his own clothes, which included his Yeezy Military Crepe Boot, is the perfect statement of how understated yet confident Kanye is in his personal style.

Harper’s Bazaar U.S. Executive Editor Laura Brown visited The Wests at their Bel Air home for the interview. The questions were short and fun showing the KimYe’s honest and hilarious personalities though their answers. The interview gave insight into the simple things like “What is Kanye’s favorite song? The answer being Jimi Hendrix’s cover of “All Along the Watchtower.”

As well as the deeper issues like Kanye’s insecurities: “I used to have insecurity about my finances, then I announced that I had debt, and now I don’t have any insecurities,” he said. “People will definitely use that against you if someone knows that. But the one thing I don’t have an insecurity about is public perception. I’m not going to conform to it, you know?”

Kanye famously admitted to his debt during a tweet spree back in February. He announced it robbed the people who knew of the power of using it against him.

That debt is no longer a problem after Kanye proclaimed on his track “Champions” that he is “fresh out of debt in this motherfucka!” Maybe partly due his successful Adidas deal which he briefly referenced during the interview: “What designer on the planet can sell, consistently, 40,000 shoes. In two minutes?”

Kanye West at Milk Studios on June 28 in Hollywood, California.
Kanye West at Milk Studios on June 28 in Hollywood, California.

Kanye, who is hailed as a visionary and praised for the way he thinks of the impossible and innovative stated that “contrary to popular belief: I actually don’t like thinking.”

He was hilarious throughout the interview despite questioning his sense of humor: “I think my sense of humor is really dark and super twisted and stuff like that. It’s like, “Is this a funny joke for real? Or am I just rich?” See? That was funny.”

Kanye sleeping in public.

We all have seen Kanye’s ability to sleep anywhere documented on Kim’s Snapchat and Instagram, which was also brought up when Kim told this funny story:

“He took me to a fashion meeting in Paris once. I’d never met these people; I was so nervous. It was the beginning of our relationship, and I didn’t know anyone in fashion. And he passed out at the table. I’m like, “I’m so sorry, we’re jet-lagged.” You don’t know the number of times I’ve had to say that. I always flat-out lie that he’s jet-lagged, even if we’ve been home for months.”

Kanye went for the husband of the year award when he said that his favorite body part of Kim’s was “her heart” after asking if “face” was an acceptable answer. He also supported his wife’s nude selfies which always spark a debate on social media.

“I love her nude selfies. Like, I love the ones from the side, the back ones, and the front. I just love seeing her naked; I love nudity. And I love beautiful shapes. I feel like it’s almost a Renaissance thing, a painting, a modern version of a painting. I think it’s important for Kim to have her figure. To not show it would be like Adele not singing.”

When asked what they would be remembered for, Kim answered for her husband: “I would hope that Kanye would be remembered for being smart and sticking to what he believes… A lot of people have strong beliefs, but they don’t have the confidence to really stick to them. I really respect Kanye for that.”

This interview gave fans insight into Kanye’s and Kim’s humor and thought process. We’re looking forward to many more interviews to come this year, especially any focused on business, music, making of “The Life of Pablo” and “Saint Pablo Tourand family.

Saint Pablo tour.
Saint Pablo tour.

Kanye and Kim’s shoot with Karl Lagerfeld for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar will be available on August 16. Pick up a copy and tweet us when you do!