Kanye West And Tyga Drop “Feel Me” On New Year’s Eve

"Feel Me" single artwork.

Kanye West continued the tradition of dropping new music on New Year’s Eve, but this time he was featured on Tyga’s new single.

In 2014, Yeezy gave us “Only One” and in 2015 he dropped the original version of “Facts” on the holiday.

Tyga, Kylie, Kanye and Kim.

On “Feel Me” the two artists trade lines on the song’s hook before they each rap their own verses. Kanye’s eleventh feature this year references Tupac and Suge Knight, Calabasas and Latrell Sprewell.

(Via Rap Genius)

Flew in for the fight, that’s that thug life
Pac sittin’ shotgun next to Suge Knight
Coogi, Coogi, Coogi, Coogi on
Feels like I’m in the movie, holmes
Texted my Consigliere
Tell the maid leave the Jacuzzi on
(Who you tryna get crazy with? Don’t you know I’m loco?)
That Calabasas ‘cross the sweatshirt
I wear it to a meetin’ like a dress shirt
Top shotta put the pressure
Jamaican nigga with the mesh shirt
There’s levels to my retail
The devil’s in the detail
Niggas be typin’ hard as hell
Goin’ heavy metal on the email
Niggas be so emo
Catch feelings like a female
Get quiet as a church mouse
Phone soundin’ like a seashell
Niggas get so choked up
I had to bring back the Spreewells, hahah

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