While on tour in the United Kingdom, Chance The Rapper took the time to sit down with BBC’s DJ Semtex for an interview where he talked about meeting Kanye West and working on “The Life of Pablo.”

Kanye quickly became the subject of the conversation when Semtex asked who first impaired Chance to pursue rapping.

At the 2:28 minute mark, Chance explains that the first time he heard “Through The Wire” and “All Falls Down” on his walkman in a pizza shop with his parents. He immediately looked up Kanye and has been a fan ever since.

Chance also told the story of how Jaden Smith introduced the two now friends for the first time during the 2014 Made In America festival. He gives the full details at the 4:10 minute mark.

“He called me up a little bit later to meet up, see what… I was working on ‘Surf…’ but he helped a little bit on ‘Surf’ then brought me back to LA a little bit later to start working on “The Life Of Pablo.”

Next, Semtex asked Chance about “Ultralight Beam” and working with Kanye in the studio (7:08 minute mark) during the Pablo sessions.

Chance revealed that when he arrived there was only 10 songs planned for the album and “Ultralight Beam” did not exist yet. He also mentioned that the album was finished at the time and Kanye wanted to bring back his 2010 G.O.O.D. Fridays series.

Chance said he began playing gospel music from Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and Hezekiah Walker on loud speakers (8:32 minute mark).

“We just played gospel music so loud. If you know Kanye West, you understand he overdoes it in terms of sound. More speakers and subs than you’ve ever seen. He plays music really loud. We were shaking these rooms in the studio with this gospel... Kanye likes dissonance. You know, chordal dissonance. He likes minor chords and stuff that has a little pain behind it.”

A woman in the studio pulled up the video of a little girl preaching in the back seat of a vehicle which served as vocals on “Ultralight Beam.” Chance said that it took about three to four months from the initial studio session that started the “Ultralight Beam” to him becoming a writer on the track. He named Justin Bieber as one of many who stopped by and recored for the song.

(Header photo by IG: @marcushyde)