Could New Yeezus Merch Be Coming Soon?

Kanye’s friends and family have been spotted in new Yeezus Merch recently, which begs the question: Could we be getting more merch soon?

We take a look at what might be coming next. Kanye was spotted wearing a Yeezus hat and Yeezus socks at LAX airport on January 11. He was previously also spotted wearing a Yeezus bomber jacket.

The new 2016 batch of merchandise features a new Yeezus logo, different from the 2013-14 Yeezus Tour merch.

Several other celebrities close to Kanye’s circle have been posting their new Yeezus merch to social media as well. His friend Tracey Mills shared a photo of two sweatshirts, one t-shirt and hat on Instagram with the caption “2016 Merch” hinting that it could be coming soon.

2016 Merch #Yeezus2016

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DJ Khaled showed off some new Yeezus merch on his Snapchat including a hoodie and t-shirts. DONDA member Joe Perez was seen personally delivering several packaged products to DJ Khaled in Los Angeles last week.

.@djkhaled showing the new #Yeezus merch he received from Kanye and Kim. January 9.

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Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Big Sean are just some of the other big names spotted wearing the unreleased merchandise. These include both black and white tees, bomber jacket, hoodies and hats.

The instagram account “@yeezusmerch” was up for a few days where Yeezus merch was teased before disappearing. The website is currently under construction and shows the option to enter a “store password.”

Check back for updates when merch becomes available to the public, if it does. Fingers crossed.