Kanye West Officially Joins Instagram, Posts First Photo

Kanye West creates an Instagram page.

Kanye West is know for his infamous tweets from his Twitter account, but now we have another social media platform to look to for his posts: Instagram.

Just before 2 a.m. on Saturday, a fan pointed out that Kanye had possibly made the Instagram page. At the times Ye only had 295 followers including one his co-manager Scooter Braun.

Sure enough the page was verified and now has almost million followers without a mention of the account by Kanye himself yet. The news spread like wild fire thanks to the fans who were more than excited.

Kanye West's first Instagram post.
Kanye West’s first Instagram post.

About nine hours after the account was discovered, Kanye posted his first photo which came from what else? – a movie. The photo is from the 1990 film “Total Recall” which was shot in Mexico City.

From Movie Mezzanine: Total Recall is at once opulent and severe. William Sandell’s production design extrapolated from Mexico City’s New Brutalist aesthetic, one in which giant block structures loom over the action, drearily perfect geometric slabs of concrete that recapitulate the functional, anti-bourgeois minimalism of Communist-era public housing with the equally dehumanizing vision of a future run purely on capital.

Scene from the film "Total Recall" from 1990.
Scene from the film “Total Recall” from 1990.

The reason for the post is unknown, but we know Kanye’s page will include some of the best photos and videos on the social media platform. Follow Kanye’s new Instagram page and don’t miss a post!