LISTEN: Chance The Rapper On Working With Kanye West & ‘The Life Of Pablo’

Kelly Price, Chance The Rapper, The Dream and Kanye performing on SNL. 2016.

Less than two weeks after dropping his third mixtape, “Coloring Book” Chance The Rapper sat down with Zane Lowe to talk about the project and Kanye West.

During the Beats 1 interview Chance gives details on how his “All We Got” collaboration featuring Kanye happened and how it was to work on “The Life of Pablo.”

Zane Lowe and Kanye
Zane Lowe and Chance The Rapper. 2016.

At the 7-minute-mark, Chance explains that Kanye called him and told him to come to Los Angeles to work on “Coloring Book” about two months ago. Chance took the “All We Got” record to Kanye’s studio, where Ye gave a two hour talk prior to working on the song.

“He started doing his Kanye dance to it, and said ‘okay I fuck with it.. take off all the drums,'” Chance recalled.

Next, came the MPC where Kanye recorded drums for the track in one take and then freestyled a verse — which never made it onto the song. Chance plays it for Lowe around the 11:50 minute mark.

While working on “The Life of Pablo” Chance said that him and Ye had conversations about faith and God. Chance also stated that Kanye also allowed him to play his album for others in the studio at the 18:10 minute-mark.

“When Kanye said that he was making a gospel album, he did not mean gospel the genre at all. He’s talking about literally..the gospel in terms of telling a story and repeating a historic happening and documenting it.”

Kanye and Chance The Rapper. 2014.

Lowe then asked Chance about a possible joint project together, continuing with the gospel vibes.

“The main thing we want to connect on is this project called ‘Good Ass Job,’ that’s a thing we talked about a long time ago and I think that everything we have been working on together has been a piece of it.”

Around the 20:45 minute mark, Chance plays the original version of “Waves” he made for Ye and including a choir arrangement that was removed. Chance then played his verse, on “Famous” which was originally “Nina Chop,” that didn’t make the “The Life of Pablo.”

Finally, Chance did say Kanye previously offered him a record deal and touched on his friendship with Ye around the 30:05 minute mark.

“Kanye’s best prodigy. He ain’t sign me but he proud of me” – Chance on “Blessings”

Listen to the full interview below.