LISTEN: OTHERtone ‘Kanye West Mix’

Kanye and Pharrell at the 2015 CFDA Awards.

A new ‘Kanye West Mix‘ made its debut on the Beats1 Radio show OTHERtone featuring tracks by Kanye himself.

The mix aired during episode 15 of OTHERtone with hosts Pharrell Williams and Scott Verer with special guest Chance The Rapper on Feb. 7.

Scott Verer, Pharrell and Chance The Rapper.
Scott Verer, Pharrell and Chance The Rapper.

The show focused in on Chicago rappers and culture so it was only fitting to feature some work from Kanye’s career. Shortly after the 15-minute mix aired, fans began begging for the release and now we finally have it.

Tracklist: “Good Morning,” “Never Change, “This Can’t Be Life,” “You Don’t Know My Name,” “In Cold Blood,” “Two Words,” “Lucifer,” “Guess Who’s Back,” “Takeover,” “Homecoming,” “Runaway,” “Jesus Walks,” “Heatless,” “Flashing Lights,” “Wouldn’t Get Far,” “Stronger” and “Touch the Sky.”

Williams and Verer gave the exclusive to Fake Shore Drive who posted the mix today.

OTHERtone airs weekly on Apple Music at 3 p.m. EST on Tuesdays.

Liste to the full ‘Kanye West Mix‘ below.