In October 2015, fans from around the world traveled to an exclusive brunch with Kim Kardashian West in Los Angeles. What we didn’t expect was Kanye surprising everyone with his appearance and playing us new music.

Included with those fans were 4 of the 5 TeamKanyeDaily members Zeinab Najm, Maik Leenards, Noah Williams and Marcello. Unfortunately, account founder Josh Chowa was unable to attend.

TeamKanyeDaily members Maik, Noah, Zeinab and Marcello with Kanye.
TeamKanyeDaily members Maik, Noah, Zeinab and Marcello with Kanye.

Kim invited all the owners of the fan accounts she followed on social media for a special weekend in Los Angeles and a brunch for her birthday. The entire experience was one of a kind, everything was taken care of by Kim herself. The morning of the brunch, which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, CA we met Kim, introduced ourselves and took a much-coveted selfie with her as well as a group photo and sat down to eat. During the brunch, Kim was really open with us and we quickly forgot we were sitting with one of the most famous women in the world. She was super nice and was up to talk about anything!

Fans invited to the birthday brunch with Kim.

We as TeamKanyeDaily along with Hali created a 85 page book filled with 250 pieces of artwork from fans inspired by Kanye, Kim and North West — which was our gift to the Wests.

About half way through the brunch, Kanye walked into the room carrying North West and surprising us all. Kim went to greet Kanye and North then asked everyone from TeamKanyeDaily to raise their hands and get up to meet Kanye. No one could believe it. Being able to finally talk with Kanye after years of supporting him was very surreal. He was amazing and answered every question we had. It’s moment we will never ever forget.

Kanye, Kim and North at the birthday brunch.
Kanye, Kim and North at the birthday brunch.

Before the brunch started, Pascal Duvier — Kim and Kanye’s — body guard told us Kanye would not be attending. Afterwards he was asked by Zeinab, “you knew Kanye would be here the whole time?” and he answered “I know a lot of things, but wasn’t it better as a surprise?” It sure was.

zeinab with kanye
TeamKanyeDaily members greeting Kanye.

We all must have told this story a thousand times, but we have always had to leave out the part where Kanye had a live listening session for 11 of the fans at the brunch.

After greeting Kanye and speaking with him for a little, he asked us if we wanted to listen to the album, which we all said YES to of course. He invited everyone outside, but only 11 fans joined him. We headed to Kanye’s silver Range Rover where he played us nine songs from his album (what it was at the time) straight off his all-black MacBook. We heard the CDQ of “Wolves” and part of “No More Parties in LA” along with seven other songs.

He also told us the album would be dropping “early next year,” which we now know meant Feb. 11. Kanye also took the time to take photos with all of us. In total, we spent just over an hour with him before he had to head to the studio.

Finally, after 5 months we can give details about the special live listening session with Kanye. We’ve asked every fan from the brunch that attended the session to give their reactions from the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Zeinab Najm: Contributor and Social Media coordinator for @TeamKanyeDaily
First off, being invited to Kim’s fan birthday brunch in Los Angeles was amazing, Kim chose to celebrate her birthday with us and it’s an experience I will never forget. Meeting Kanye was the dream come true, it’s what all of us at TKD talked about for years and Kim made it happen. After Kanye surprised us mid-way through the brunch and we began talking to him he brought up the idea of playing the album (what it was at that time) and none of us could believe it. After realizing there was no speakers inside the room we were eating brunch in, Kanye decided to play the album in from truck. Kanye opened the doors to his silver Range Rover, plugged in that infamous black MacBook and started playing tracks. Seeing Kanye jamming + rapping every lyric right in front of us was CRAZY. It was priceless to see him in his element like that. He would explain certain parts and look to us for our reaction.


It’s a moment, day and weekend I will never forget because not everyone gets the opportunity what all had. I never take it for granted and would thank Kim again and again for it. Kanye and Kim created unforgettable memories and friendships we’ll carry on for a long time from that weekend.

Marcello and Kanye.
Marcello and Kanye.

Marcello: Contributor for @TeamKanyeDaily
It really was a mind blowing weekend in sunny L.A. It was so amazing to meet Kim. She was so kind and friendly to us all and even took the time to take a selfies with us on her phone with the LuMee case! We were told all weekend that Ye wasn’t going to be attending the event. However, while we were halfway through eating brunch (eggs benedict served with brioche french toast – delicious), Kanye turns up to the party! After a while of talking to us Kanye says, “It’s a shame they don’t have speakers in this hotel room, I could’ve played y’all the new album…” We all looked at him like, “You gotta be trolling, dude.” He then he suggested, “If you wanna come outside, I can play it for you from the car?” Ermmm… Yesss! I couldn’t believe this was happening!

Within minutes, Kanye was playing “Wolves” out of his car stereo system with everyone surrounding him, listening along. The whole time Kanye was smiling, rapping along and bopping his head viciously to the never-before-heard tracks! As Ye played more and more new tracks off the album, we danced to the beats and laughed at the punch lines! Such an awesome moment. Unforgettable.

Maik: Tech and Design for @TeamKanyeDaily
That moment when Kanye hit us with the words “album” and “play” everyone went crazy. Imagine how you would feel if Kanye said: “If this room had speakers, I could’ve played you guys the album,” with a thinking face. But as soon as he realized the room had no speakers, he changed his mind.


“But… I can play it in the car!” Accompanied with 10 others, the black MacBook and Kanye himself in his silver Range Rover, we heard the album at the point it was at in it’s entirely. He was vibing and rapping to his own beats and songs which made the experience even better. Everyone was bouncing on the music, focusing on the lyrics and screamed at some of the dopest bars we’ve heard from Yeezy. Out of respect for Kim and Kanye we had to keep our mouths shut for 5 months, but we made it and the album is finally here! Thank you Kim for the amazing rollercoaster ride to the States.

Noah Williams: Business Manager for @TeamKanyeDaily
The tracks were FUCKING FLAMES. Myleeza you owe me another arm.

Listening session
The lucky fans outside of Kanye’s Range Rover listening to the album.

Hali: That weekend we knew we’d be meeting Kim; we knew we’d be meeting other fans but what none of us knew was that we’d be treated to one of the greatest experiences ever. Just when I had gotten used to the idea of sitting across from Kim having brunch, watching her reach for the croissants and honestly answering any question we had, Kanye walked in carrying North. Niecey screamed, Zeinab, Ayanda and I cried and all of us adjusted to the shock of having the West family in the same room as us.

I had bought North a personalized coloring book and took the opportunity to give it to her personally, she said “thank you” in her sweet voice and I didn’t think anything could top that moment. Then, Kanye asked if we would come out to the car to hear the album. I always considered myself to be equally a fan of Kim and Ye, but my quickness to chuck up the deuces to Kim and Nori and go with Ye has me thinking otherwise, lol. To be fair we’d just been invited to hear the album that we’d been looking forward to for two years at that point, so I was hardly going to turn him down. Walking behind Kanye towards his car after just leaving North coloring in the book I’d gifted her had to be one of the most surreal moments.

He started off with “Wolves” and then played songs we’d never heard. I’ll always remember his reaction to our reactions, he was smiling so hard and laughing at us. We all screamed at the fire bars and danced to the dope beats, which must have been so fulfilling for him to see that his hard work had such an impact on us. He vibed so hard to his music, rapping along and setting up the meaning of each track to us. The album sounded so good and even though there might be many changes since we last heard it, I’m grateful to have heard the early drafts of the album of the life. I’m also grateful to the Wests for spoiling us that weekend and providing us with unbeatable memories.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.31.21 PM
Myleeza with Kanye.

Myleeza Mingo: Owner of MyleezaKardash 
I will never forget the entire experience of having an exclusive session with Kanye and other fans while he played us the album. I remember sitting with Kim and everyone basically took off running. I asked Hali “WTF is going on?!” and she said “Kanye is letting us hear the album! Come on!” I ran outside and Kanye was in his matte silver Range Rover with America’s National Treasure, the black MacBook (and North’s car seat in the back seat) — lol. Out of no where, he started playing us music at a super loud volume and of course he was doing the famous Kanye dance.


I was looking at his face the entire time and it was so dope to physically see how passionate he is about music. He was so focused and was making himself mental notes and giving us commentary about every song. I can’t remember all the lyrics to the songs, but I can clearly remember jumping on Noah’s back when I heard the punchlines!!! We really screamed after every punch line and he smiled every time we screamed. It’s like our screams have him this extra boost! We asked for a release date and of course he said “soon.” Then he allowed everyone to take group and individual pics. After that everyone went back inside with Kim and North. Seeing Kanye in his element with other fans was definitely one of the dopest experiences in my life! I hope everyone enjoys the album!!!

fans outside car
Fans listening to the album.
Amanda with Kanye.
Amanda with Kanye.

Amanda Leung: Owner of @KardashianNavy
I was so surprised that Kanye was at the brunch since we didn’t know ahead of time. After he came, he asked some of us if we wanted to go to his car to listen to his new album, and of course I said yes!!! Being a fan of Kanye’s music, it was so surreal that he was previewing it for us and wanted to hear our reactions. I remember how Niecey and I were getting so excited and sharing our reactions to certain lyrics. I still can’t believe what happened that day and that the genius himself shared his work with us. It was such a fun experience and I’m happy that the album is finally released! Brings back all of the amazing memories from that day!

Niecey: Owner of @DaRealNiecey
I was honored to even be selected to attend Kim’s birthday brunch in LA, with no inclination Kanye would even be there, but than he arrived. He was so gracious and humble and asked if we would like to hear his album? Thinking to myself, this isn’t really happening right now but it did happen — lol. I remember he started playing the first song and everyone had smiles on their faces, than I think it was Maik, I don’t quite remember but someone said can we hear “Wolves.” I was standing next to Myleeza and we just looked at each other and smiled, when the song started we started singing the words to each other. It was a beautiful moment, standing there being a Kanye fan while he played my favorite song. NO words can express what I was feeling in that moment. Kanye let us hear the song in it’s entirety, he saw how much that song connected to us. He then played more songs off the album, he started rapping the lyrics to us. He was so happy. It was such a beautiful experience getting to hear the album. The memory is engrained in my mind forever, if Kim sees this, I just want to say thanks once again, without you that moment wouldn’t have happened. Seeing my favorite artist in person, talking, laughing, connecting and listening to the album before the world got a chance to was amazing.

Jovan with Kanye.
Jovan with Kanye.

Jovan Rosario: Owner of @Ponyy_boyy
Kanye is a beast at what he does. With every song that played came a feeling of passion. I felt everything from the words to all the different instruments. It was insane! All I kept thinking was when could I play this album on repeat while I sketch. A true inspiration.

Gonzalo Grosso: Co-owner of @Bound2West
Being such a huge fan of Kanye ever since his debut, the fact that we had just met him and he had asked us if we would like to listen to his new unreleased music was beyond incredible! This album has been building up hype throughout the music industry in general for the past couple years so I couldn’t believe we were actually going to get a special preview from my favorite artist, Yeezus himself. He took us to his Range Rover, opened his laptop, turned up the volume and graced us with this beautiful piece of work. The beats, the punchlines, the bars, the outros everything sounded so perfect. He was bumping to the sound, smiling and dancing all the way. It was hard to believe it was happening!


It was a new Kanye sound, as he usually continues to reinvent himself. After the listening session ended, he took time to take pictures with us and we asked him questions. He asked our opinion on his music, not only for this new album but on his other projects too. I could see he really wanted our feedback and he was nicest person. It was an amazing day and a memorable experience for sure. I’m so grateful for everything Kim and Kanye did for us!

Gonzalo and Charlotte with Kanye.

Charlotte Heyes: Co-owner of @Bound2West
There is only one word to describe meeting the G.O.A.T. that is Kanye West and listening to his album: Surreal. Even now 4 months later it still hasn’t sunk in and it’s an experience I will NEVER forget.

Special thanks to all the fans at the brunch, Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, North West, Pascal Duvier, the photographers, the filming staff, Steph Shep, Jen Garcia, the Four Season hotel, event managers from Whalerock Studios and everyone else involved in making this experience the best we could’ve ever imagined.

Thank you to Kim for sending us the additional photos from the brunch! More photos and video from the brunch can be found HERE and HERE. You can download Kim’s official app for more exclusive content!

Again, thank you to Kim and Kanye for everything — we know we have said thank you a million times at the brunch, but that is not enough for what you did for us.

TeamKanyeDaily meeting Kanye.
TeamKanyeDaily members talking with Kanye.