Khloe Kardashian Shares Her Kanye West Studio Experience

Kanye in the studio
Kanye in the studio.

Khloe Kardashian gives us an inside look at one of Kanye’s latest studio sessions for his newly titled album, “The Life of Pablo.”

Note: Kanye changed the album title to “The Life of Pablo” from Waves, previously SWISH and So Help Me God as of Feb. 9. 

While Kanye’s latest album has taken us on quite a journey, one thing remained constant — studio sessions filled with legendary artists and celebrities. The now infamous note pad has about 40 signatures from everyone who has visited the studio, including Khloe.

The legendary note pad has been updated with new signatures. January 29. #Waves (📷: @younglord)

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Today, she posted about one of those studio sessions on her website and app titled “60 Minutes in the Studio with Kanye” under he “Power Hour” category. She gives us a full rundown on what happened during her time spent in the studio on Jan. 26.

Check it out below.

10 P.M. PST – Get to the studio and walk around to find my sisters who are already here. I run into The Dream & say hi!

10:03 P.M. PST – Finally find Kourt and Kim in the studio. There are literally like 20 people already here. Kanye has an open door policy – he likes good vibes and good people to be around, so a lot of musicians are coming in and out. Travis Scott and Kirk Franklin, the gospel singer, are hanging out. I think Kirk is going to be on a track.

Album studio session.
Album studio session.

10:05 P.M. PST – Vibing out to the album! I’ve heard it about 5 million times, LOL.

10:10 P.M. PST – Kanye stops in the middle of each song to tell us about why he wrote it and what it means. He’s really the essence of a true artist. I love seeing him so hyped and in his element.

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10:16 P.M. PST – We start listening again. Kanye keeps pausing to talk more about the songs. I love hearing where his inspiration comes from.

Khloe, Larsa, Kim and Kourtney in the studio.
Khloe, Larsa, Kim and Kourtney in the studio.

10:40 P.M. PST – Kourt, Kim, Larsa and I go to the bathroom. It has bomb lights, so you know it’s selfie time, haha!

10:42 P.M. PST – It’s hard to fit all of us in the frame, so it’s a long selfie session!!! None of us like the way the photos come out, so we finally just ask someone to take a picture of all of us in the studio, LOL.

10:50 P.M. PST – Just chilling. It’s cool to see everyone getting along, giving notes and opinions, & reworking the tracks. I can’t wait for you all to finally experience “Waves”!!!

NOTE: Kanye tweeted the album will have a new title as of Feb. 9.

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