LISTEN: Kanye West’s Interview With Big Boy

Kanye and radio host Big Boy in the studio on Jan. 24

Kanye called into Big Boy’s Neighborhood for an interview with host Big Boy on Real 92.3 LA  today.

Note: Kanye changed the album title to “The Life of Pablo” from Waves as of Feb. 9. 

Kanye was asked questions on all topics during the interview. He addressed the his album name, Wiz Khalifia, “No More Parties in LA” track, the album poll Kim held on Twitter, and the Drake line on “Summer Sixteen.”

On the album name: “We don’t have a name yet.”

On the album Twitter poll: “I wanted to get peoples opinions everybody is our family. I wanted to get people’s opinions on how they felt. We have to involve all of our family.”

On the album: “This is a gospel album with a lot of cursing on it.”

On “No More Parties in LA” with Kendrick Lamar: “Kendrick that’s God MC can’t no records go out without him approving, you (Big Boy) called up Top Dawg and they came to the crib and we got the blessing”

On the Wiz Khalifia tweet and beef: “I just saw my wife’s initials and reacted. Malik Yusef got us on the phone and we’re good now.”

On the Drake pool line: “I have three pools.”

Listen to the full interview below.