On the set of the "Friends" video in NYC.

Francis and the Lights dropped its video for the track “Friends” today and even featured a cameo by Kanye West.

Chance The Rapper helped tease the track on Twitter, dropping it early for fans. He also revealed that “Friends” was used as a sample Chance The Rapper’s “Summer Friends” which was produced by Francis.

The first 45 seconds of the video start with Kanye on the all-white set slightly dancing to the beat. He again appears at the end as the video finishes with Francis and the Lights and Bon Iver.

Watch the video below. Buy the track HERE.

“Friends” video director Jake Schreier spoke to Pitchfork about Kanye’s involvement and time on set.

"Friends" video.
“Friends” video.

PF: What’s the story behind Kanye West’s involvement?

JS: He heard the song and he liked it. The video’s called “Friends,” and it’s about friends. He and Justin are friends, and me and Francis are friends, and Justin and Francis are friends. It just felt right.

PF: Did Kanye spend much time on set?

JS: He was great. He was there as long as we needed him to be. He just wanted it to be good and had some good ideas to improve it. Having signed an NDA, I can’t say anything more than that.